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“We are happy to inform you we can offer you Wabara roses! 14 truly amazing varieties of garden roses from Japan.

Wabara is the name for a variety of exclusive garden roses and is just introduced in the market. The Japanese breeder of the roses has selected and grown the varieties with a lot of care and dedication.”

“After many years of testing and selecting, the most promising varieties have been sent to the Kenian rose farm Uhuru, one of our suppliers of exclusive garden roses.

At the moment we source 14 Wabara varieties. In very small numbers. Classical English shaped garden roses, scented roses and spray roses. Each one more beautiful than the other.”

WABARA Brochure (PDF 2mb)

Grand Assortment

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“The name WABARA is a combination of two Japanese words; ‘WA’ and ‘BARA’.

WA is a Japanese cultural concept usually translated into English as “harmony”. It implies a peaceful unity and conformity within a social group, in which members prefer the continuation of a harmonious community over their personal interests. While BARA is the Japanese name for rose. Hence Wabara!”

“The circumstances in which the roses grow are important to the breeders of the Wabara roses. They help to create better quality flowers, more intense colors and a longer vase-life.

In the belief that roses will grow healthy, shiny and with more strength, the Japanese creators of the roses share the philosophy that, in order to live in harmony and coexist with the environment, the roses should be grown free from chemicals. With respect to nature the surroundings, not damaging nature.”

Wabara 'Tsumugi', a beautiful soft peach colored garden rose.
Wabara roses in Japan
Wabara roses in the Wabara coffee shop. close to the rose farm in Japan
Keiji Farm
One of the greenhouses in Japan where the Wabara Roses are grown for the local market.

Where to buy WABARA

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“Wabara are roses that originated from a rose Farm in Japan called Keiji, a few miles from Kyoto. “

“Keiji Kunieda started 10 years ago breeding and selecting new types of (scented) garden roses. The roses are grown with organic fertilizer, without chemicals, and watered with tap water. Roses from the Keiji farm have been cultivated and sold for several years now, and in that period of time the different varieties of roses have become well known in the area.”

“Keiji Kunieda has spent most of his life working in the creation of new scented and beautiful roses. In the last years, Kunieda added more varieties of roses and created the Wabara brand together with his son Ken Kunieda.”

“Father and son Kunieda want to enable other people to enjoy Wabara. For that, Kunieda allowed the exclusive right to grow the roses to Uhuru in Kenia”

Keiji and Ken Kunieda
Wabara Cafe, Japan
Ken Kunieda with Ivan Freeman from Uhuru Flowers

Wholesale WABARA

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“In this video of the rose Farm Keiji in Japan you see Ken Kunieda selecting, cutting and preparing roses for an event at a car dealer.

Getting up early to prepare and make sure that everything it’s perfect!”



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