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“To make our roses easy to find for everyone, we are currently adding our regular florist customers on our online store locator map.

When your local florists is not yet on the map below, please inform your florist about this possibility.“

“In the meantime you can already find more than 100 florists using our luxury roses.

It is our great pleasure to help those florists to be a true local hero again”

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“To make our roses easy to find for everyone, we offer our regular florist customers a position on our online store locator map.

“Scented roses, peony or cabbage shaped roses, or classical English garden roses make it possible for florists to be different and unique from others.
As we are all aware, the ways in which consumers are able to make retail floral purchases have undergone remarkable changes in recent years, and today’s consumers have more options than ever before.”

“Obviously, the internet has had the greatest impact. Flower shops are no longer competing only against other shops in their own towns; they’re competing against retailers in other cities and online retailers throughout the world.
Our roses enable florists to stand out again, so make sure that people looking for David Austin and other luxury roses can find your shop.

Apply for a position on our store locator!”


Logo | Favicon | Parfum Flower Company


“The Florist Ambassador Network Damasque Roses is an exclusive group for florists who receive a weekly box with dry packed scented roses. Members of this network gain exclusivity in their district, town or region. No other box with Damasque roses will be send to a competitor close by.

Do you want to up-scale your shop with scented roses, make your clients even more happy and find new customers?

Not yet a member close to your shop? Then join the Florist Ambassador Network Damasque Roses now! For florists. Together, all florist members can promote the Damasque rose. We all profit!

Take a look on the Damasque store locator map to see which florists are already joining.

“The weekly Damasque boxes for florists contain scented roses from our standard assortment, but also special varieties not available in the trade.

The roses are carefully packed in Kenya in boxes for each individual florist. Upon arrival in Aalsmeer the boxes are distributed to wholesalers and exporters to subsequently be delivered at the florist.
Florist members of the ambassador network are guaranteed of the freshest possible roses and gain exclusivity in their district, town or region; no other Damasque box will be send to a competitor close by.

The roses are nicely packed with sleeves and cardboard and ‘wet feet’. This ensures that the roses arrive in top condition. For florists members of the Florist Ambassador Network Damasque Roses it’s like importing themselves





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