Beautifully scented roses that evoke a true “garden feel” are much sought after for weddings nowadays. It’s these wedding roses that have the ability to draw people’s attention directly to the flowers. That is exactly what you want as a florist or wedding planner, but also what you want as a bride or groom. The wedding roses we distribute at Parfum Flower Company have a romantic appeal like no other modern roses do.

Where a lot of other modern roses don’t have any scent at all, our selection of wonderful cut wedding roses still have a strikingly beautiful fragrance at their core. In addition, the roses are known for their many layers of ruffled petals, which give them their exquisite beauty once they are in bloom. The beauty and scent of these roses, like the Pink O’Hara, Café Latte and Prince Jardinier, turn every wedding into an event to be remembered forever.



The wedding roses in our exclusive collection come from well-known and respected breeders like [Wabara] and [David Austin Wedding Roses] and are the perfect flowers for wedding bouquets, floral arrangements, centerpieces, table decorations and floral boutonnieres for the bride and groom.

During a wedding, there can never be too many roses. Loved because they are plain and simple but also classic and contemporary, roses are the universal symbol of love and beauty. As per tradition, the bride holds on to a beautiful wedding bouquet and wears a flower boutonniere on her wedding dress. But what about the groom? A flower boutonniere made from the finest wedding roses also looks exquisite on his wedding suit.

Beautiful scented floral arrangements are what turns a wedding into a day to remember. They can be placed by the entrance of the venue and on the wedding car. And let’s not forget about the table decorations. Beautifully dressed table settings that fit with the theme of the wedding aren’t complete until a centerpiece of the most beautiful roses is added.


With our collection of exclusive wedding roses from [Meilland Jardin & Parfum] and many other respected breeders, we hope to inspire you and help you create the joy and passion every wedding should be about. Have a look at our collection here to discover which roses you want to offer to the future bride or groom. You can buy weddings roses for your home at Damasque.



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Florists, event planners and floral designers use our special roses for many occasions: weddings, celebrations, funerals, as well as everyday floral design. They realize that these scented garden roses create long lasting memories.