Exclusive roses with intense colors and a long vase-life.

Are you looking for truly exclusive roses with intense colors and a long vase-life for a wedding or other special occasion? Then Wabara roses from Japan offer you just that. These beautiful roses have been selected and are grown with a lot of care and dedication. It took the breeders many years of testing and selecting to create a lovely collection of fourteen roses that have just been introduced to the market here. Among these fourteen are beautiful roses, such as Myabi Tsumugi and Sola.

All of the fourteen Wabara roses are healthy and shiny blooms that are grown without causing any damage to their surroundings. You can view the entire collection that we distribute at the Parfum Flower Company here.



Wabara roses originate from a rose farm in Japan called Keiji, which is located a few miles from Kyoto. Japanese breeder Keiji Kunieda started breeding and selecting new types of scented garden roses on the farm ten years ago. For this, he used an organic fertilizer, without any chemicals. He watered the roses with tap water. These roses have been cultivated and sold in Japan for several years now, and they have become very well known in the area. Do you want them for your home, too? Then you can buy Wabara roses at Damasque.

Keiji Kunieda has spent most of his life working on his farm, trying to create beautiful roses with a lovely scent. In the last couple of years, he has focused on adding more varieties of roses to his collection and creating the Wabara brand in collaboration with his son Ken Kunieda. Together, father and son want other people to enjoy their Wabara roses during their weddings and other special occasions. To do so, they gave the exclusive right to grow their roses to the Uhuru farm in Kenya.


The name Wabara roses wasn’t chosen randomly. It’s a combination of the Japanese words WA and BARA. WA is a Japanese cultural concept that implies a peaceful unity and conformity within a social group, in which a harmonious community is preferred above the personal interests of individuals. BARA is the Japanese word for rose. Together, they make Wabara roses.

Wabara roses are special because they are grown in harmony with their environment. They cause no damage to nature and their surroundings because they are grown without the use of chemicals. Both father and son strongly believe it is the use of organic fertilizer that makes it possible for the roses to live in harmony and coexist with their environment. And that this is needed to grow high-quality, healthy roses with strong petals and an enchanting color.


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Florists, event planners and floral designers use our special roses for many occasions: weddings, celebrations, funerals, as well as everyday floral design. They realize that these scented garden roses create long lasting memories.