Westminster Abbey


There can be no grander, yet quintessentially British venue than Westminster Abbey. It epitomises tradition and grandeur while remaining beautiful to view against the London skyline.
And this is how we feel about the Westminster Abbey Garden Rose, with her unique subtle hues mirroring the stone of the exterior of its namesake. If you want to capture the romance and history of such a venue and the love stories that have unfolded within it, then the Westminster Abbey Garden Rose would be the perfect addition to your wedding bouquet especially as she is now available all year round.


  • Shape: Rosette
  • Color: Grey Sand
  • Scent: 5
  • Fragrance: None
  • Petal Count:
  • Diameter: 9-10 cm
  • Vase Life: 5-6 days
  • Best use after: 3-4 days
  • Availability: Seasonal
  • Minimum order: 12 stems
  • Breeder: Tantau Rosen
  • Plant name:
  • Origin:
  • Grower: Fa. D. Alderden Wzm. & zn

Tantau Rosen ROSES