During the funeral of a loved one, whether a family member or friend, we find comfort in other people and in the surroundings. Funeral roses make a hard day a little bit easier to bear and are often bought by people to show their heartfelt condolences. Rose arrangements communicate love and respect and can be used for comfort during a funeral ceremony. We often see the most beautiful arrangements on and around the coffin and by the graveside or monument.

These can be bought by the next of kin themselves, but they are often a gift from others to show how much they care and are thinking about them.

The funeral roses we distribute at Parfum Flower Company are specially chosen to show sympathy after somebody has passed away. Roses like the White O’Hara, Lady Killer and Peony Pink offer great comfort and compassion when people need it the most.



Roses have a universal meaning that makes them a very common and appropriate funeral flower. The exact meaning differs per color. Classic deep red roses show love, respect and grief, and they are often chosen by the next of kin of the person who has passed. White roses are a sign of spirituality, purity and innocence. They are the most appropriate color to send to the grieving family or bring along to a funeral.

Funeral roses in our collection from breeders such as Wabara that are yellow are often given by friends to show how close their bond was or to celebrate the life of the deceased. Dark pink roses are an expression of thankfulness to the person who passed away.

The choice of a certain color can also be a very personal one. White roses might just have been the favorite flower of the deceased. Or pink might have been their favorite color. In our collection of funeral roses, you can find all these colors and more, and with roses like Alabaster, Golden Mustard and Sabrina, you’ll always find one that suits the occasion.


With our collection of exclusive funeral roses from Meilland Jardin & Parfum and many other respected breeders, we hope to offer you enough choice to give the flower tribute that the person who passed away deserves. Have a look at our collection here to choose which roses you want to offer for funeral arrangements.


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Florists, event planners and floral designers use our special roses for many occasions: weddings, celebrations, funerals, as well as everyday floral design. They realize that these scented garden roses create long lasting memories.