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“Many of Rosaprima roses are the epitome of beauty and elegance. The company is committed to growing and breeding the world’s most luxurious roses. Since their founding in 1995,our values have remained the same: unequaled craftsmanship, sound business practices and a belief that roses have an important place in life’s most precious moments.

“The 1,200 Rosaprima farm employees worldwide have set a new standard for roses. The Rosaprima brand has become synonymous with luxury and quality, and has gained worldwide recognition. We are very happy to source from Rosaprima only the most beautiful varieties for the European cut rose trade. It starts at the 400 acres of rich farmland in the coveted Guachalá growing region, high in the Andes Mountains of Ecuador, where Rosaprima brings exquisite roses to life.”

“Rose-growing experts and breeders examine thousands of varieties for an average of three to five years. As a result, a part of the Rosaprima collection is an exquisite assortment of the finest roses, all possessing unique characteristics. Only those roses that fit within the Parfum Flower Company high standards are shipped to Holland. From there they are distributed by many different export companies and wholesalers around Europe”

Parfum Flower Company is part of Rosaprima’s ‘world-wide network of quality oriented distributors’. At Parfum Flower Company we share their passion for handling roses with the highest regard for diligent care and preservation during transport. As a result, the roses delivered to florists, and ultimately, end customers, are of the highest quality. “

Rosaprima packhouse
The 500 acres of Rosaprima's farmland is located in the Guachala growing region, nestled high in the Ecuadorian Andes Mountains.
RosaPrima Field Worker
Rosaprima farm creates a positive work environment filled with creativity, teamwork, positive energy and personal growth.
RosaPrima - Responsybly grown
The rich and fertile land of the Rosaprima farm is where we source many rose varieties, including the rarest and newest breeds in the world.

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More about Rosaprima

“The Rosaprima farm commits to Sustainability.

Long-term sustainability and protecting the environment are two principles that guide the Rosaprima farm. Rosaprima believes they have a moral obligation to help sustain the natural beauty in which their roses are grown. Rosaprima uses environmentally sound methods that work in harmony with nature.

“Every part of the growing process uses resources efficiently, resulting in minimal environmental impact. Rosaprima takes their responsibilities to society and the environment seriously and conducts their business with integrity.”

“Rosaprima has dedicated substantial time and resources to developing state-of-the-art irrigation systems and protocols that drastically reduce water usage and ensure minimal impacts on its farmland and neighboring areas. In addition, all rose waste products are composted.  Soil is enhanced with extracts from organic waste produced onsite, minimizing the need for external fertilizers. Today, Rosaprima’s land is healthier, more robust and boasts more organic matter than at any time in their history.

The farm land and surrounding areas have been reforested with native trees and plants. Rosaprima has planted over 100,000 trees onsite, many of which naturally prevent soil erosion.

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At the Rosaprima farms in the lush Guachalá region of Ecuador, high in the Andes Mountains, the roses are cultivated. Rosaprima prides itself in their roses: craftsmanship, attention to detail, and eco-friendly business practices work flawlessly to produce the finest stems in the market.”

“Take a look inside into one of our farms, where a dedicated team of floral artisans combine countless years of experience, traditional harvesting techniques, and modern technology into a comprehensive process that produces the perfect Rosaprima rose.”



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