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“It’s no wonder that the natural delicate look of a garden rose is very popular for weddings and events nowadays. Just flip through any bridal magazine or wedding blog and you’ll surely find numerous garden rose wedding photos.

“More and more florists get questions from their customers for scented roses, peony or cabbage shaped roses or classical English garden roses. Here lies the opportunity for wholesalers to offer the most exquisite roses to their customers.”

“Fueled by the spread of images on Pinterest, Instagram and other social media, the wedding trade has gone crazy for garden roses. More and more florists are using high-end garden roses in place of traditional long-stemmed hybrid teas.

We are proudly sourcing David Austin Wedding roses as well as the Meilland Jardin & Parfum collection as a part of our vast assortment. Our total range consists of more than 70 different varieties of luxury roses.

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“For wholesalers it is important to know we respond and deliver fast, and customer service is of the utmost importance to us.

“We can provide wholesalers with a digital connection to our stock to show the roses in their own real time web shop.

For digital marketing purposes we can share  a large image database with high quality pictures to socially promote the roses.”

“Marketing and promotion for our roses is very important to us. We do a lot of sponsor ships and our products are present at many fairs in Europe. We like to work together with wholesalers to showcase our roses when they organize a florist meeting or other event.

We are truly passionate about our luxury roses and want to bring only the best and freshest roses direct from our farms straight to wholesalers and exporters.


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“eTrade originally was an initiative of FloraHolland and is an online marketplace where buyers can connect their software to. It then is possible to view real-time stocks and buy directly from it, system to system. In the horticultural industry we agreed to use the eTrade message standard

“To link with our inventory stock we have software that meets the eTrade message standard. This software queries inventories and commits purchase orders. “

“You can use the eTrade system to view and buy from our inventory in both yours and our software systems. basically eTrade client software allows you to include our inventory in your software.

When you or your customer buys something from our stock then immediately the product is purchased and the allocation of the product automatically has been done in both your as our system.

Web Shop e-trade parfum flower company
We can share our assortment available in real-time to link to the webshops of your customers, even with customer-specific agreements.
fresh portal E-trade
After each order for both you and your customers, the available inventory is automatically updated in real time.
Sticker with e-trade barcode
For customers with whom you share real-time inventory, you can print shipping unit barcode stickers. These barcode stickers can be scanned by your customers


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“We welcome you to place a standing order for a specific period. This enables you to get the same numbers for a fixed price.

So even in the wedding season and with the busiest days in the year as Christmas, Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day you are guaranteed of the availability. And you pay the same price!

“By placing a standing order you are guaranteed of the numbers of roses which are in very high demand. You are not spending your usable time on finding the products. You are not paying too much when prices rise due to the high demand. You get every time the price you expect.”

Varieties which are in high demand and sometimes are very hard to get come easy when you have placed a standing order.


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“The Florist ambassador network Damasque roses is a group exclusively for florists who receive a weekly box with dry packed scented roses. Flower shops who join the network will have exclusivity in their district, town or region. No other boxes will be send to a competitor close by.

Do you deliver flower shops directly? Then this is a great proposition to make to your florist customers!

Ask your florist to join the Florist Ambassador Network Damasque Roses now! Together, the florist members can promote the fragrant rose. We all profit!

Take a look on the Damasque store locator map to see which florists are already joining.

“The weekly Damasque boxes for florists contain scented roses from our standard assortment, but also special varieties not available in the trade.

The roses are carefully packed in Kenya in boxes for each individual florist. Upon arrival in Aalsmeer the boxes are distributed to wholesalers and exporters to subsequently be delivered at the florist.
Florist members of the ambassador network are guaranteed of the freshest possible roses and gain exclusivity in their district, town or region; no other Damasque box will be send to a competitor close by.

The roses are nicely packed with sleeves and cardboard and ‘wet feet’. This ensures that the roses arrive in top condition. For florists members of the Florist Ambassador Network Damasque Roses it’s like importing themselves





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