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“For your shop and for the greatest pleasure of your customers who are seeking an exclusive product, we have a selection of more than 100 exquisite roses; scented roses, peony or cabbage shaped roses and classical English garden roses. Our roses are selected on their looks and fragrance. Lost and forgotten varieties, but also new breeds.

“The English roses from David Austin, the French roses from Meilland, and all other luxury roses we offer are often used in luxury floral bouquets and arrangements for weddings and events, but also as a mono bouquet in a beautiful vase.
The roses enable you as a florist to be different from others, to be up scale.”

“Imported from farms in Kenya, Ecuador and Columbia, the roses are distributed to wholesalers directly. The roses are not being sold at the auction clock.
Many wholesalers have a live connection with our stock and offer the roses in their web shops. However, due to the high demand for our roses, our stock is often very limited. Very few products are available the same day. We therefore ask florists to order our roses at least a week in advance. This enables us to guarantee availability of most varieties.”

The best way to order is to contact your local wholesaler at least a week before you need the roses in your shop. Just ask for roses from the Parfum Flower Company. We know all wholesalers. And they know us!”

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“Parfum Flower Company is very proud to see the most amazing florists and wedding designers using our roses. We know visitors of our web page love reading about how florists do their magic.

f you’re a bride, florist or photographer and have lots of flowery photos with our roses from a beautiful wedding, or any other event or moment which you would you like featured on the Parfum Flower Company website, please send us some pictures!

“In the first instance, please send us ten images of your shop and/or floral designs via WeTransfer to The images need to be a minimum of 600 pixels wide. We will then get back to you as soon as we can to let you know whether your submission has been accepted.

If accepted, we will then email you a set of interview questions. You need to complete your answers and email them back to us, together with a profile shot of yourself and some further images of your shop and floral designs.”

Gianni Cortese, master florist and teacher at "Le Mani Parlano" in Italy. Loves working with garden roses delivered by the Parfum Flower Company
Natalia Korotina Bloemenmeisjes
This is Natalia Korotina, from the Dutch company 'De Bloemenmeisjes', which translates as 'The flowergirls'. Specialist for high end weddings, she uses lots and lots of garden roses!
Alina Cretu David Austin roses
Alina Neacsa (Cretu): "we taught the students how to make a hand tied bridal bouquet with David Austin Roses and Scented Peony Roses, all from Parfume Flower Company. The students fell instantly in love with these beautiful flowers."
Fiori Company Kiev
In the Fiori company store in Kiev, the Ukraine scented roses are used weekly. Mainly in customer bouquets. And weddings of course!
The Flower Hat
" I can't tell you how thankful I am for each and every one of you, for your support and instafriendship! Wishing you a happy Thanksgiving with these unreal "Prince Jardinier" garden Roses from @parfum_flower_company ! They are the largest garden rose I've ever seen and the fragrance is unbelievable! Love them!"
A happy Karen Tran with Peony Pink roses
A happy Karen Tran during a master class in Venice with the beautiful 'Peony Pink' scented roses.
The amazing roses 'Belles Rives'
The amazing highly scented roses 'Belles Rives' named after the luxury hotel at the Cote d'Azur in the south of France.

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“Parfum Flower Company together with your local supplier of Dutch flowers is offering you the possibility to get your hands on the best scented garden roses.

“Just fill out the form below and we’ll make sure you’ll receive our great roses in a nice box. Delivered directly in your shop or to a supplier near you.”

Golden Box with garden roses

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“The Fragrant Garden, located on the edge of Aalsmeer and Amsterdam is a workshop and event location. It is used for many different occasions. Photo shoots, party’s, workshops.

The location is available for florists too! It can also be used by floral designers in need of a larger working space. For example when you want a place to prepare for a wedding or event in the Amsterdam area. Completely free of charge!

What’s the catch? The only thing is you let us buy your flowers! But no worries, we offer all flowers available at the Dutch flower auction (and more) for market prices!

For just a little extra you can buy by the wrap / bunch, or even stemwise.








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