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Garden roses. The words evoke memories of a beloved grandmother’s garden, filled with soft, show-stopping roses that smelled like heaven. 

“Some roses have more scent than others – and even earn awards for their exquisite aromas.”

“Our Premium Garden Roses can be found at the best florists around Europe. Use our store locator below to find a florist in your area.”

You can find our roses in the best flower shops throughout the world. Just check the map below.”

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“Nostalgia for gorgeous, old-fashioned blooms has meant a huge surge in the popularity of garden roses in the bridal market and all signs indicate that they’re here to stay.

“When you think of roses, you probably think about fragrance. It’s almost a natural reflex to bend near a bloom and inhale the perfume.

If you’re someone who wants roses that cast a floral perfume , look no further. Most of our roses are fragrant beauties, renowned for their rich scents. Others are perfectly shaped as deeply cupped or peony shaped garden roses.”

“Our David Austin Roses, Meilland Jardin & Parfum Roses and many other (scented) garden roses are sold through many flower shops, as well as many independent floral designers at international locations. If our roses are not just around the corner, they’re pretty close! ”

David Austin Roses are the epitome of the English garden rose and are highly sought after for their beauty. The French Roses from Meilland offer an intriguing array of fragrances. Together they form the heart of our luxury roses collection. See below some Florists who work with our luxury roses.”

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