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Florist Box Scented Tambuzi Roses

“Parfum Flower Company together with your local supplier of Dutch flowers is offering you the possibility to get your hands on the best scented roses from the Tambuzi farm in Kenya.

“Just fill out the form below and we’ll make sure you’ll receive our great roses in a nice box. Delivered directly in your shop or to a supplier near you.”

“Happy with the Tambuzi roses and you want to receive a weekly delivery? Together with your local supplier we can make the perfect offer for you!”

But first, fill out your details below to receive your first florists box with the best scented roses from Tambuzi.”

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Try the scented Tambuzi roses, order now!

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Interested in a weekly box of 24 stems?



How does it work

FlowerVision Form fill out
You fill out your details on the form
FlowerVision Florist Box
We pack the wraps in a nice box and send it to your supplier of choice
FlowerVision Truck
A Dutch exporter sends the scented roses to your shop or to a wholesale outlet of your choice
FlowerVision mix
You receive the scented roses in the Outlet or in your shop
Peony Pink hydrating
Don't forget to hydrate the scented roses in the right way!
What Lieke Loves
You make the lives of your customers better!

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Advantage of weekly boxes

“Loyal to us, loyal to you!

“With only a minimum of 24 stems of scented Tambuzi roses weekly, you are also guaranteed of the availability of the rest of our total assortment. (When ordered in time in smaller quantities).”

“We know the very popular Tambuzi varieties are sometimes hard to find  in the midst of the wedding season. When you weekly order a florist box of 24 scented Tambuzi roses you are guaranteed of the availability of our total assortment.”

This offer is also valid when you’re seeking David Austin Roses.”





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