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“David Austin Wedding Roses are dedicated to creating beautiful fragrant roses to help you celebrate your wedding or important event.

“No flower can match the romantic appeal of a David Austin Wedding Rose. Blooms start as closed buds to reveal amazing many petalled flowers of exquisite beauty. The blooms are known for their layers and layers of ruffled petals that make them stand out from standard roses. Add to this wonderful fragrances and you create a memory that lasts forever. “

“David Austin started with a vision in the late 1940’s with the aim of creating a more beautiful rose. Initially he worked on creating roses to be enjoyed in the garden. Inspired by appreciation of this work he set about creating beautiful fragrant rose to be used in the home and for special occasions.”

“Today there are a dozen glorious luxury varieties to choose from. All roses from the David Austin Wedding Rose Collection have a unique style that sets them apart from other roses.”

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Grand Assortment

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“David Austin was born in 1926 on the farm where he now lives. He is the son of a farmer and began farming before going into business as a nurseryman in the early 1960s.

“In the 1940s, a copy of George Bunyard’s book on old roses gave him the idea of crossing old roses with modern roses. The old roses – that is the gallicas, damasks, albas, etc. – had all but died out at that time. His objective being to create new roses in the style of old roses, thus combining the unique charm and fragrance of old roses with the wide color range and repeat-flowering qualities of modern roses.”

“The first variety David Austin introduced was Constance Spry in 1963, followed by Chianti in 1967 and Shropshire Lass in 1968, they only flowered once in early summer. From these, he developed repeat flowering varieties with similar flowers, the first group being introduced in 1969 and included Wife of Bath and Canterbury. He called these English Roses, as the name seemed to symbolise roses.”

In the late 90s The David Austin Wedding Rose Collection was introduced, luxury roses especially bred for the cut flower industry. “

David Austin in Bowling Green Lane, Albrighton, Wolverhampton WV7 3HB England
The gardens of David Austin Roses in Wolverhampton in the UK
David Austin
David CH Austin
David Austin Wedding rose Beatrice 002
Beatrice Roses

Where to buy David Austin Wedding Roses

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The quest for a new kind of cut rose

“Creating a new rose is a combination of art and science and improves with experience. David Austin has dedicated his life to creating beautiful scented roses. Born in 1926 he still works virtually full time today.

“The art is in the decision-making process of choosing which varieties to cross. We do this by looking at each variety’s history and parentage for qualities that can be useful again, or qualities that may have been lost but could reappear using a different partner.”

“Each potential new cut rose must remain beautiful at all stages as the tight bud is transformed into a fully open bloom. The odds of success are greater than 100,000:1. Selection gives rise to the unique look of David Austin Roses. Just like designer clothes or fine art, a David Austin Wedding Rose has a signature look. In spite of attempts at imitation, no other rose is quite like it.

With so much experience and so many varieties already created, the possibilities are actually expanding — promising many more wonderful roses in the David Austin Wedding Rose Collection to come.”

New Rose paintbrush
Pollen is transferred using small paintbrushes that hold the pollen.
New Rose Seedlings
Every spring, thousands of unique seedlings are produced — and the selection process begins.
David Austin sr
David CH Austin

Wholesale David Austin Roses

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Preparing and packing fresh cut flowers for export is highly specialised, as flowers are perishable and fragile. The typical export path may take up to 7 days between flowers leaving the farm and reaching the end customer.

The flowers must be kept as cool as possible throughout the trip to maintain their quality.”

“Today the method of packaging at tambuzi in Kenya has reached the highest standards. All roses from the David Austin Wedding Rose Collection go through a special packaging process to ensure the best quality upon arrival.”



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