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WABARA – collection of Japanese roses

Wabara Misaki is one of the varieties of the Wabara collection. Special garden roses created by the Rose Farm Keiji in Japan.

Wabara Misaki – Japanese rose

From the WABARA collection, the rose Misaki is a soft pink-colored rose. It has a medium sized head.

More information about this variety will be updated soon.


  • Color : soft pink
  • Petal Count :
  • Diameter :
  • Fragrance :
  • Vase Life :
  • Breeder : Keiji Kunieda
  • Best use after: 4 days
Wabara roses from japan

The Story behind Wabara

Wabara is the brand name for a collection of truly amazing Japanese garden roses. The roses have their origin in Japan and are bred and grown at the Rose Farm Keiji owned by the Kunieda family, a few miles from Kyoto.

Wabara roses are very exclusive garden roses. They are now also grown at the Uhuru farm in Kenya.  Around 14 different varieties were introduced in the European market in 2017.

You can read more about the roses on the Wabara page on the website.

Wabara roses are grown in a traditional family business, led by Keiji Kunieda and his son Ken. The rose Farm of Keiji and Ken Kunieda is located in Japan.
Japanese Rose Wabara Misaki
Near the farm where the roses are being grown you can find the Wabara Cafe in Japan, where you can also buy the roses.
Ken Kunieda with Ivan Freeman from Uhuru Flowers, the Kenyan farm where the roses are grown for the European market.
Keiji Farm
In Japan, the Wabara roses are bred with organic fertilizer, without chemicals, and watered with tap water.
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