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Premium Scented Garden Roses

The rose Pink O’hara can be categorized in the ‘Premium scented garden roses’ collection.  In this collection you’ll find scented roses with a ‘garden-style-look’ to it. Large rosettes, cup shaped flowers or multiple hearts are some of the characteristics of roses in this collection.

Premium Scented Garden Rose
‘Pink O’Hara’

The premium scented garden rose Pink O’hara is a large, French, Pink rose, with a slight darker tinge at the center, that opens up fully in a quartered way.

The scented garden rose Pink O’Hara has a more traditional rose shape, but is filled with layers and layers of petals that give a wonderful rose scent. Pink O’hara would be perfect to use in bouquets or centerpieces for a romantic garden wedding or mix with pinks for a charming bridal or baby shower.

The scented garden rose Pink O’Hara is very fragrant (5 stars out of 5) and often used for weddings and special events. It is hardy to ship and its vase life is extraordinary. A perfect Pink garden rose!

The premium scented garden rose Pink O’Hara is also a delicate, highly fragrant garden rose that portrays unparalleled beauty and romance. A delightfully pure and wholesome aesthetic rose. You know weddings are a vision of loveliness and when decorated with this terrific flower of love everything looks clearer, crisper, and brighter!

  • Shape :
  • Color : pink
  • Petal Count :
  • Diameter : 11-14 cm
  • Fragrance :
  • Vase Life : 7-9 days
  • Breeder : Georges Delbard
  • Plant name : Delfumros

A Story behind the Premium Scented Garden Rose Pink O’hara

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Scented garden roses Pink O'Hara 015
As you can see in the images on the left, the scented garden rose Pink O'Hara can have different shades; from almost completely pink to a more blush-pink color.
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