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Premium Scented Garden Roses

The Rose Peony Pink can be categorized in the ‘Premium scented garden roses’ collection.  In this collection you’ll find scented roses with a ‘garden-style-look’ to it. Large rosettes, cup shaped flowers or multiple hearts are some of the characteristics of roses in this collection.

Premium Scented Garden Rose ‘Peony Pink’

The heavenly Scented Premium Garden Rose ‘Peony Pink’  is like no other. With a perfect peony shaped flower and the most romantic fruity scent it is one of our most beautiful roses. The color is very light pink.

The fragrance is very strong, an English Rose myrrh fragrance with lemon and almond hints.  The flowers have a medium, cupped bloom form. Its delicate shell pink petals opening fully to resemble a peony.


  • Shape : Peony / cabbage rose shaped
  • Color : Soft Pink
  • Petal Count : 80+
  • Diameter : 9 cm
  • Fragrance : Strong fresh myrrh scent
  • Vase Life : 5-7 days
  • Breeder : Unknown
  • Plant name : Unknown

A Story behind the Premium Scented Garden Rose Peony Pink

Flower Care Peony Pink Roses

Peony Pink is one of our most beautiful roses, but upon arrival, the roses can look a bit weak. This is absolutely normal.
According to some of our florist customers it is one of the most attractive fragrant rose we have, and to some othersto difficult to work with.
But that is mainly because she always arrives a little weak and sometimes with damaged outer petals.
(We ship our Garden Roses with guard petals in order to protect the blooms during shipping. Upon removal of the protective packaging, remove any brown or discolored guard petals. It is not uncommon to remove an average of 5 to 10 petals per bloom. For people not used in buying garden roses, varieties like ‘Peony Pink’ can look different from what they expect. But no worries, also these varieties will be perfect for your wedding arrangements, luxury event or just in a vase.)

peony Pink roses upon arrival
Peony Pink Roses upon arrival. The roses have directly been unpacked and put in water before they were fully hydrated in their original package with cardboard and plastic sleeve.
Peony Pink fully hydrated
Although Not hydrated in their original package with cardboard and plastic sleeve, the Peony Pink roses look amazing after 24 hours in water. These pictures were taken at room temperature.
Peony Pink Roses
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