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Premium Scented Garden Roses

The rose Candle Light can be categorized in the ‘Premium scented garden roses’ collection.  In this collection you’ll find scented roses with a ‘garden-style-look’ to it. Large rosettes, cup shaped flowers or multiple hearts are some of the characteristics of roses in this collection.

Premium Scented Garden Rose
‘Candle Light’

Candlelight is a yellow rose that turns apricot as she opens, changing colors as she blooms all the way. With a stunning shape with slightly curled petals that open outward, Candlelight is the perfect rose to add a little bit of romance to your wedding or event. Candlelight has a nice sweet lavender fragrance and works great to add color to a wedding bouquet or as a focal in a fall wedding. Similar to the candlelight over a romantic dinner, this rose is surely one to fall in love with.

  • Color : Apricot/yellow
  • Petal Count : 40-50
  • Diameter : 10-12 cm
  • Fragrance : Sweet lavender
  • Vase Life : 10-12 days
  • Best use after : 6-7 days
Premium Scented Garden Rose Candle Light

A Story behind the Premium Scented Garden Rose Candle Light

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Premium Scented Garden Rose Candle Light
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