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David Austin Wedding Roses

The rose Tess is a member of the ‘David Austin Wedding Roses’ collection. In the year 2000 David Austin began breeding for cut roses with the shapes and fragrances of old Garden roses but with the vase life of a commercial cut varieties.

David Austin Wedding Rose Tess™


This ground-breaking David Austin Wedding Rose Tess™ is David Austin’s first true red cut rose. What makes this variety extra special is that unlike conventional red cut roses, ‘Tess’s’ large, blousy blooms exude the natural character and charm of old garden roses.

David Austin Wedding Rose Tess’s spectacular blooms are made up of many, sumptuous, deep royal red petals. They begin as rounded buds, with prettily waved edges. When fully open, the large outer petals surround smaller ruffled petals, forming magnificent, saucer-shaped rosettes, which give the impression of great depth. Each bloom displays a central cluster of attractive golden-yellow stamens. There is a very light and pleasant tea fragrance.

Tess™ benefits from a long vase life of over 10 days, making it ideal for gifting and arrangements in the home. With its rich, romantic, jewel tones, it is not only ideal for Valentine’s Day but also promises to be a popular choice for weddings and festive events. Whilst David Austin Wedding Rose Tess garden-style blooms look stunning arranged on their own, they also harmonize beautifully with seasonal flowers and foliage.

The name is inspired by David Austin’s red English Garden Rose, ‘Tess of the d’Urbervilles’, which takes its name from the heroine of Thomas Hardy’s novel.

Specifications of David Austin Wedding Rose Tess:

  • Shape : Rosette
  • Color : Deep royal red
  • Petal Count : 120
  • Diameter : 10-12 cm
  • Fragrance : Very light, subtle tea notes
  • Vase Life : 8-10 days
  • Breeder : David Austin
  • Plant Name : Ausyacht
  • Best use after: 6-7 days

The Story behind David Austin Roses

David Austin was born in 1926 on the farm where he lived all his life. He is the son of a farmer and began farming before going into business as a nurseryman in the early 1960s. From an early age, he has been interested in gardening.

In the 1940s, a copy of George Bunyard’s book on old roses gave him the idea of crossing old roses with modern roses. The old roses – that is the Gallicas, Damasks, albas, etc. – had all but died out at that time. His objective being to create new roses in the style of old roses, thus combining the unique charm and fragrance of old roses with the wide color range and repeat-flowering qualities of modern roses. He was also particularly interested in producing well-formed shrubs that would make good garden plants.

In the year 2000 David began breeding for cut roses. He was looking for roses with the shapes and fragrances of old Garden roses but with the vase life of commercial cut varieties. Tambuzi, Rosaprima, and Alexandra farms amongst others are growing these varieties for the cut flower markets of the world and they are testing dozens of new varieties for introductions in the coming years.

David Austin died in December 2018. He will be remembered as one of the greatest rosarians and rose breeders of all time who is responsible for creating the world’s first horticultural brand. With over 240 varieties to his name, David Austin was still absolutely passionate about developing new varieties of English Roses until the very end. He died already knowing what the future may hold, having planned and undertaken the next crosses, which will hopefully create a new rose that will be introduced in nine years’ time.

David C H Austin, his son, David J C Austin and his son Richard Austin
David Austin Roses is a traditional family business, led by David C J C Austin. The head office, rose breeding facilities and rose gardens are in Shropshire, UK. They also have regional offices in Tyler, Texas, USA and Osaka, Japan.
David Austin Wedding Rose Patience, a milky white scented garden Rose
While roses naturally flower in gardens only during summer and autumn, David Austin's cut roses are available all year round. This makes them the perfect choice for bouquets, events, weddings and celebrations at any time of the year.
David Austin in Bowling Green Lane, Albrighton, Wolverhampton WV7 3HB England
A Lifetime of Breeding Excellence In the early 1950s David Austin set out to create a more beautiful rose. Sixty years on, this simple objective remains. From a hobby breeder as a young teenager David Austin has gone on to breed a collection of roses renowned across the world.
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