An ode to the rose – Floral Designer Meeting at the Fragrant Garden

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An ode to the rose – that was what ignited our desire to organize a Floral Designer Meeting at the Fragrant Garden in Aalsmeer. A group of Dutch floral designers coming together on a rainy Tuesday in March, all with a similar goal; showcasing their love for the queen of flowers.


Within only hours an empty greenhouse was turned into a display of magical settings. With the help of talented stylists and photographers every arrangement and installment was lifted to perfection and captured as such. Strangers became friends and new collaborations flourished.


©All photographs in this article are by For Love We Live


In the spotlight today was a selection of the most luxurious roses – highly fragrant roses from Meilland and the ever so popular English garden roses from David Austin. Meilland’s scented roses originate from France and come in many different shapes. Their developed selection of luxury roses are known for their exceptional fragrances and beautiful looks.



David Austin started with a vision in the late 1940’s with the aim of creating a more beautiful rose. Initially he worked on creating roses to be enjoyed in the garden – old fashioned English garden roses that often appeared in the pictures of Dutch flower painters. Inspired by appreciation of this work he set about creating beautiful fragrant roses to be used in the home and for special occasions.



In the hands of young and talented floral designers these one of a kind roses transformed into something even more. This resulted in not only beautiful arrangements, but also in a good-spirited day with people who share a passion for flowers and a love of roses. Now without further ado, let’s enjoy the fruits of their labor!












An eternal thank you to For Love We Live for providing us with these stunning photo’s. Every picture in this article was taken by the incredibly artistic Lucy and Steef. More pictures were made by Anneke Veronica Photography. Another thank you to Myrthe from Myrthe Regelt Het en Te Leuk Trouwen for making everything look that more beautiful. But the biggest thank you goes to the rockstar floral designers, who made this day unforgettable!

Judith Slagter
Kamille Bloemen
Flower Moment
Edenique Floral Design
De Stijl
Bloemen in Stijl
De Bloemenkeuken
Bloom Your Life
Jennifer Laarman

An ode to the rose: want to learn more about the roses from today? Take a look at our assortment page, it’s like a candy store for flowers. And come join us on Facebook and Instagram to see more of the most wonderful roses in the world! 

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