Name change rose ‘Greffe de Vie’ to ‘Belles Rives’

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The fragrant rose ‘Greffe de Vie’ at Parfum Flower Company will be called ‘Belles Rives’ from this month onwards. The rose is named after the famous luxury hotel on the French Côte d’Azur.

The purple rose ‘Belles Rives’ is part of the Meilland Jardin & Perfume collection, a range of deliciously smelling French garden roses. The French breeder Meilland is one of the few breeders who developed scented garden roses that are also sold as cut flowers. The company Meilland is a 100% family business, now with the 6th generation at work.
‘’At Parfum Flower Company we are proud to be a distributor of Meilland’s scented roses in Europe,’’ says Wouter de Vries, director of Parfum Flower Company. ‘’I am very pleased that we are able to deliver such beautiful cut flowers to our customers. How wonderful is it to have roses that add an extra dimension through the delicious scents they spread? And, with names like ‘Princesse Charlene de Monaco’, ‘Yves Piaget’, ‘Toulouse Lautrec’, and now ‘Belles Rives’, we hope to enable our customers to create an extraordinary experience.’’



Parfum Flower Company has become well-known in recent years with the sale of David Austin cut roses. These are classically filled English garden roses that are mainly used in the world of weddings and events. ‘’Meilland’s French roses are a bit different. In shape, but especially in perfume. The smell is generally stronger. In addition to bridal work, the Meilland roses are also often sold as a single rose or in a bouquet at high-end florists’’, Wouter continues. ‘’The sense of smell is something special. It records memories better than the sense of taste, vision and touch. The delicious scent of our roses in your bridal bouquet – or just at home in a vase – that’s something I believe the market is waiting for.’’

Wouter de Vries: ‘’Meilland has once again chosen an exclusive appearance with the new name. Belles Rives is a very luxurious hotel on the French south coast. We already send roses to this hotel every week via an exporter, and now with the name change, this cooperation has been endorsed. Of course, the rose is also available in our web shop!’’





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