Have you seen the new variety of the David Austin Wedding Roses?

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Creating a new rose is a combination of art and science and improves with experience. David Austin has dedicated his life to creating beautiful scented roses. Born in 1926 he still works virtually full time today.

The art is in the decision-making process of choosing which varieties to cross. We do this by looking at each variety’s history and parentage for qualities that can be useful again, or qualities that may have been lost but could reappear using a different partner.

Each potential new cut rose must remain beautiful at all stages as the tight bud is transformed into a fully open bloom. The odds of success are greater than 100,000:1. Selection gives rise to the unique look of David Austin Roses. Just like designer clothes or fine art, a David Austin Wedding Rose has a signature look. In spite of attempts at imitation, no other rose is quite like it.

With so much experience and so many varieties already created, the possibilities are actually expanding — promising many more wonderful roses in the David Austin Wedding Rose Collection to come.

We are very happy to announce that David Austin recently introduced a new oustanding variety called…David Austin Wedding Rose Purity.

Purity is an amazing creamy-white wedding rose with delicate blush undertones in its center. The blooms first open to a cup and then to a fully opening rosette. It has a fresh, medium-strong, pure-rose fragrance. Purity is a medium-size rose with approximately 90 petals per bloom.

With a long, 10-day vase life, David Austin Wedding Rose Purity is perfect for weddings and events, special celebrations and everyday floral design.

We will have to hold our breaths a little while longer, but in the Spring 2017 wedding season this rose will be available for everyone. We can’t wait!


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