Menno Kroon; after 17 years he still remains at the top

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Menno Kroon. Dutch top level florist in Amsterdam. Menno Kroon was born in 1961 in Broek in Waterland, the Netherlands. The love for nature was present at a very young age. The growing process of nature still intrigues him, from seed to flower.

After working for several florists he started his own business; a small workshop in a historical building in Driebergen-Zeist. His floral company was off to a flying start. He won prizes, hired his first employees and continued to stay the talk of the day, due to his fairytale-like seasonal themes throughout the year.

Because of the growing demand, Menno Kroon had to find a larger building for his floral shop. In 1995 he opened his two story floral shop on the Cornelis Schuytstraat in Amsterdam; A workshop in the basement and on top his exhibition space. He started selling with the ‘opening soon’ sign still on his window and two weeks after the official opening, the bottom of his store inventory was almost in sight.

Fast forward to 2016 and you will probably know about Menno Kroon’s worldwide status. With his steady vision on interior design and art, he remains at the top for 17 consecutive years. Always looking for the disarming purity of undiscovered flowers or interior combinations. To catch them and to share them. Since 2008 also in Menno Kroon Cothen, a flower farm in the picturesque Cothen. Or better said, his silent place.


‘’Flowers have a soul. Sometimes you even hear them whisper.’’

Young love, delight, the inevitable goodbye. Each bouquet of Menno Kroon gives meaning to a special moment. Eccentric color compositions of fresh flowers in a seductive scent language. To never forget.


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