Have you seen this hidden gem in the center of Bruges?

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Frederiek Van Pamel, Brugge, interior design and floral arrangementsMaybe you have already been there or maybe you have never heard of him before, but Frederiek Van Pamel is a well-known concept in Bruges. After opening two successful businesses in Bruges he opened another one in Ghent.

One of his outstanding stores is hidden in a side street of the Geldmuntstreet in Bruges, and definitely worth a visit. Passing through his window shops without the desire to go inside is nearly impossible.

Frederiek Van Pamel knows how to collect the most special interior pieces, flowers and accessories like no other. He always succeeds in mixing them into an ingeniously, unique whole. In his stores you will find beautiful home accessories, some furniture and lots of flowers and flower pots to brighten your home and garden.

Van Pamel comes from a family of florists and opened his first business fifteen years ago on the Bruges ‘’Eiermarkt’’, which has become an interior concept store now.

‘Concepts without perceptions are empty, perceptions without concepts are blind.’

His special interior and floral concept stores are places you want to linger forever, not only because they change their look several times a year, but also because you will surround yourself in an unprecedented variety of special objects, from small to large furniture, from sweet little bouquets to lavish flower arrangements or particularly the Damasque roses, fresh from Tambuzi in Kenya.


Creating concepts that will slowly grow into personal perceptions of the environment is what it is all about. Advice and custom design for your (office) interior and garden is what Frederiek van Pamel does best.

If you ever find yourself in Bruges, make sure to visit one of his stores, drink some coffee together and get inspired!

If you are interested in seeing more of Frederiek’s stunning creations, follow his Facebook page! His web pages are currently under construction.

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