Garden roses, the future of Valentine’s Day?

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Garden roses for Valentine

Forget the cliched long-stemmed red hybrid tea. More florists are now using garden roses in their designs

The front of the Style section in The Washington Post features a huge picture David Austin’s luxury cut roses above an article by garden columnist Adrian Higgins titled, “This Valentine’s Day, some florists are abandoning the familiar long stems in favor of garden roses.”

The story opens with a description of floral designer Holly Chapple creating a Valentine’s day bouquet with David Austin’s Miranda and talks about the growing popularity of garden roses for weddings and special occasions.

The hottest garden roses come from a breeder in England named David Austin”

Higgins notes that “the hottest garden roses” come from David Austin and explains that David Austin Wedding Roses are specifically bred “for their cut-flower qualities….strong stems, durability after cutting,” while retaining the “natural beauty and romance of the antique rose.”

Read the full story here

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