“Our mission is to be the best in sourcing and supplying the world’s most beautiful roses
to enable floral designers to meet and exceed their customers’ expectations”

…the promise of overwhelming pleasure can be found
in the best flower shops and with the best floral designers. Worldwide.

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Every experience is a priceless collector’s item

We offer you an experience. A Journey of scent. With English garden roses from David Austin and the French scented Meilland Jardin & Parfum roses. As well with many other varieties of fragrant cut roses. These roses enable florists to deliver and exceed their customers’ wishes.

Man smelling scented roses in flower shop
Florist smelling the scented roses at wholesaler
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Enjoy the journey as much as the destination

We connect. To offer florists and floral designers a connection. Not only with the source of the roses. In the journey we connect our wholesale partners too. Together we provide the journey of scent. From the farms straight to your flower shop or event location. We do this the best we possibly can. To provide everyone with the best roses. In the best condition.

Join us in the journey of scent

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The most important things are the connections you make

We connect. With flower wholesalers too. We have a dream to have the roses within easy reach of every florist in Europe. Here we start en build partnerships. In logistics, but also in availability. To have the roses not only available online in webshops but also physically present in many different cash & carry’s. In this we seek collaboration.

In the journey of scent there’s an important role for flower wholesalers.


“The roses enable me to create a luxurious and natural look; classical and contemporary. I love all flowers and plants, but scented garden roses are very special to me.”

– Bart Bresser, floral designer

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Always seeking out for the most beautiful roses in the world

In a journey you won’t forget moments when scent is involved. From all senses, smelling is the strongest to help you create long lasting memories. English David Austin roses, French Meilland Jardin & Parfum roses and Japanese Wabara roses are part of the collection. Grown by specialist, sustainable and environment-friendly growers.

Do you  also grow roses with scent and want to join us in our journey to deliver new memories for our customers?


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Creating new memories at this very moment.

A book of coffee table format featuring the 40 most beautiful wedding roses. All of the 15 David Austin roses are included. Besides the David Austin collection, the book is filled with special roses with a beautiful shape, a wonderful scent, or a combination of the two.

…one day – when all senses come together – you can remember this journey of scent.

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