15 gorgeous summer bouquets with roses

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Summer is here! And during the busiest season of the year it is obvious we’ll come across a lot of new and reccuring floral trends. If there’s one thing we love in particular, it’s the diversity in wedding bouquets. A high quality wedding bouquet can really make the difference in appearence and the overall image of the wedding. Good products and a capable florist are the main ingredients of a succesful bouquet. We were really inspired by this year’s trends, and that’s why we would love to share these 15 gorgeous summer bouquets with roses with you!

A trend we’ve seen a lot lately for this summer, are bouquets with pastel colors and a vintage touch.  Sophisticated bohemian, distinctive because of the large blooms. Hot pink, purple and blush; they all mix together into a piece of stunning floral art. The loosely arranged leafs lift it up to a whole new level.

Bohemian summer bouquets

Hot pink: Darcey

Purple: Purple Perfumella

Blush: Juliet

Stunning cascade bouquet with scented roses

Very popular this summer are bouquets with popping colors such as blue, orange or even coral.

Love the hint of blue in this bouquet!

Orange: Capriccio

Mulit-colored: Free Spirit

Coral colours in bouquets work extremely well for beach weddings.

Sunflowers and white roses. Sunflowers are pretty common in summer bouquets and a reccuring trend this year, but the combination with white roses makes it truly special. You don’t see that very often. Imagine sticking your nose into that bouquet to smell some of that wonderful scent!

An extraordinairy bouquet with sunflowers, daisies and white roses.

Summer bouquets with white roses

White: Patience

Cream: Cream Yves Piaget

Ivory: Jeanne Moreau

Pink roses and sunflowers for a beautiful wedding bouquet.

Overwhelming color combinations, such as different shades of pink mixed with bright orange flowers. Perfect for a fun, colorful summer wedding.

Perfect combination of hot pink and orange roses!

A trend for bouquets this year: hot pink and flaming orange roses.

Hot pink: Darcey

Pink: Kate

Orange: Rene Goscinny

Love the handpicked, garden feel of this stunning bouquet.

Soft color combinations, such as peach, blush and pastel colors. Cute and light, for a romantic ambiance during a special day.

Blush and peach roses are never out of fashion. Like the David Austin Wedding Rose Juliet!

What about these light shades? Won't this just be perfect for a country or garden wedding?

Pink: Peony Pink

Soft pink: Paul Ricard

Peach: Juliet

For blush bouquets, definitely use the David Austin Wedding Rose Juliet.

And last but not least: the wonderful combination of roses and succulents! This combination is truly unique and would fit perfectly into a rustic, bohemian or vintage wedding theme.

Love this bouquet trend: a combination of roses and succulents.

Hot pink ombre: Yves Piaget

Soft pink ombre: Pink Yves Piaget

Roses and succulents are worlds apart, but they mix into a stunning piece of floral art.

With our Store Locator you can find out where to purchase these roses in your area. If you would like to have these wonderful scented roses in your assortment as well, please send an email to sales@parfumflowercompany.com. We’re happy to help!





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